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Do you need pedalTherapy?


  • You just got your first mountain bike, but the local trails intimidate you?


  • You've been riding the same trails over and over, avoiding the same climb, descent, obstacle, etc?


  • You just received a "riding lesson" from your friend or significant other, but finished more frustrated than when you started


  • You can crush it on the smooth trails, but have to get off and walk as soon as it gets technical?


If any of that sounds familiar, then you need pedalTherapy!


Still not sure?  Check out what past clients have to say on our Testimonials page.



Through a series of skill sessions tailored to meet your goals, pedalTherapy will help you learn basic and intermediate mountain bike skills from the ONLY certified BICP Level 3 instructor in the Phoenix valley.  You'll become a more efficient rider in a fraction of the time compared to just riding on your own.


  • Learn proper balance!
  • Understand bike / body seperation!
  • Discover the true power of your brakes you never knew they had!
  • Safely Descend the steepest trails with confidence!
  • Navigate tight switchbacks!
  • ...and more!


Check out our Programs page for more info and sign up with pedalTherapy...the "Doctor is IN"!



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