What is pedalTherapy?

Mountain bike coaching sessions teaching beginning and intermediate riding skills.  I've coached riders ages 6 to 70; first time riders to podium racers to super-fit triathletes.  I teach how to ride confidently.  If you're confident, then you'll ride safely and have more fun!


What is a typical session like?

Skills are introduced with a series of progressive drills in the parking lot or at the trailhead to better understand the mechanics and theory.  This allows for safe learning in a low-to-zero consequence environment.  We'll then head out on the trail to apply what was learned on real trail features.  I often use video analysis with on-site, instant feedback to help you fine tune your position on the bike.


What kind of skills are offered?

Skills are progressively taught.  I start everybody off with balance and bike/body separation concepts.  These are the building blocks that all other skills are based on.  The most popular include braking and shifting techniques, technical climbing and descending, and successful cornering.  Others include climbing and descending dismounts, wheel lifts, and more.


What kind of sessions are offered?  How much do they cost?

Private (1-on-1) sessions and group sessions are the most popular.  Visit the Programs page for the latest updates on programs and pricing.   The per-person cost of a half-day group session is equivalent to the replacement of a good rear derailleur.  You've likely invested (at least) a couple thousand dollars in your mountain bike and gear.  Consider investing a fraction of that to maximize the fun factor by learning to ride confidently and safely.


What should I bring to a session?

We’ll be getting on and off the bike quite a bit and not going for any particularly long rides.  If you have platform pedals, or “flats” that you can temporarily change to, it might be something to consider.  It just takes a variable out of the equation when learning new skills versus using “clip-in” style shoes/pedals.  If you don’t have flats, or prefer to learn with the setup that your most comfortable with, that’s fine too.  I have a couple extra pairs of flat pedals if you would like to borrow them.


A helmet and gloves are mandatory.  Also, you might consider pads and re-consider wearing your favorite tank top in favor for something with more coverage.  I always strive to keep students safe, but bumps and scrapes can still happen in the silliest ways.


I'm brand new to mountain biking.  Shouldn't I wait to take lessons until I'm a little more comfortable?

Absolutely not!  The sooner you learn the right techniques, the faster you'll progress.  Beginner riders are perfect candidates for pedalTherapy sessions.  You'll also learn to ride with confidence, reducing your risk of injury.


I'm an experienced rider.  Why should I take lessons?

You never know what you might learn.  I was an experienced rider when I got my instructor certification, and I learned a TON.  The most common phrase I hear from experienced riders afterwards is "I wish I would have done this sooner!"


I do pretty good in races, and sometimes get on the podium.  Why should I take lessons?  Aren't I already fast enough?

Congratulations on your efforts!  But are you crushing the field?  Are your competitors minutes behind you?  If not, then you need every advantage possible to ensure your place on the podium.  If you smoke 'em on the climbs, then give it all back on the descents or in the corners, then you're not riding.  You're hoping.  Hope isn't a strategy.


Why should I choose pedalTherapy over other coaching options?

I've been certified by the BICP (Bike Instructor Certification Program) as a level 3 instructor, the highest certification available.  This means that I'm using techniques developed and refined by thousands of combined hours from some of the world's best instructors.  Not only do I understand the skills to be taught, but I've been trained how to teach those skills.


I'm a passionate instructor that loves to help riders discover the potential they didn't realize they had.  Nothing turns my cranks more than watching a student have that "ah HA!" moment!  I've been in love with this sport and culture since I was 16, and truly enjoy sharing my passion with others so they too can fall in love with it.


I practice what I preach.  I took 3rd place overall in 2013 and 2014 in the 40+ Masters class for the Big Mountain Enduro race series.  The series draws the most fit and techincally talented riders from all over the country to race on the gnarliest alpine terrain, often at elevations exceeding 9,000 ft.


I've called Phoenix home since 1997 and understand the local trails and riding conditions.  I even chose to live within riding distance of singletrack so I had easy access to trails!


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