Check out these providers of premium cycling products and programs.  Fully endorsed and used by pedalTherapy!



The company that started the Big Wheel Revolution, and the only ones to remain fully committed to the 29" wheel.

Pedal Damn It!



Are you ready to get serious? Discover the most comprehensive and dedicated strength program available for mountain bikers!  Written by Dee Tidwell, renowned mountain bike strength coach.  This is quality, serious stuff - goofballs need not apply.

3 month training program

6 month training program



German engineering at its finest!  The best modulating brakes and lightest suspension forks out there.



Innovative pumps, fenders, and accessories.



Quality fuel for your adventures.  No junk included, only good stuff for your hungry and thirsty body!



Excellent technical wear for cycling.



Feature laden hydration packs of the highest quality.



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