All sessions have 3 main goals:





Skills include, but are not limited to:


finding and maintaining balance proper braking technique
how to shift efficiently front wheel lifts
cornering climb and descend with confidence
...and much more!



Public Scheduled Events

Visit the pedalTherapy Meetup page for scheduled events.  A free Meetup account is required.  These are topic-specific group clinics.  Come meet friendly, fellow mountain bikers with the same goal as you!




Private Customized Events

If you don't find a Scheduled Meetup Event that works for you, please contact us for scheduling info on any of the below custom packages:


Half day Weekend Skills Group Clinic

Learn basic and intermediate skills; topics are based on your goals.  Skills will be introduced and practiced in the parking lot / trailhead in a "no consequence" type environment.  Then we head out on the trail to practice and reinforce the skills on real trail features.
     - half day session
     - 4 student minimum, 6 max / $130 per person
     - Every clinic begins with fundamentals practice
     - Static balance drills
     - Dynamic "parking lot" drills
     - On trail skills sessions



One-on-One Coaching

     - personalized instruction based on your goals

     - $100 / hour, 3 hour minimum
     - 2 more friends / family can join your session for $30 / hour per person
     - anytime outside "normal" working hours, i.e. ~8AM-4PM



The Whole Enchilada

     - ask about pricing for an entire program of progressive skills coaching
     - usually 8-10 half day sessions
     - customized to your specific needs (event preparation, for example)


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