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  • "This was an awesome class. Scott's teaching style and the instantaneous feedback was invaluable. For anyone interested in a positive learning environment and success oriented training, I cannot recommend pedalTherapy enough." - Randy


  • A couple of weeks ago I attended a private lesson with Scott covering the "Technical Descending" clinic. I am an intermediate rider and this clinic was very helpful for my progression. Descending is one of those areas where I needed some work, especially on the mental / confidence side of things. You probably know that progression in a controlled and safe environment is the key to learning new mountain bike skills. And this is what you will get with Scott. For example, he worked with me gradually ramping up the difficulty of doing drops off of ramps and eventually a significant drop followed by a transition to steep downhill. Before the clinic this would be a feature I would have walked. But after spending the day progressing, I had the confidence in the techniques that Scott showed me to realize what I could do and I had the confidence that I was doing the techniques right. Once I did the feature several times I realized it's really not that much harder than the ramps we worked on earlier. - Matthew


  • "Great information and support.  I left feeling more confident, and had a great 18 mile ride after." - Ana


  • "I really enjoyed the course!  I learned a lot and felt like I could express my questions and concerns.  I felt very supported." - Elaine


  • "The session was exactly what I needed and I had a blast! I got a lot out of it, including motivation and inspiration to practice new skills. I think I've found the help I need to get to the next level and will definitely be training with you again." - Jeanie


  • "Thanks again for taking the time to work with us on such short notice. We both had a blast and learned so much, and are looking forward to applying the lessons learned.  You're a really good instructor and we look forward to working with you again down the road." - Sara


  • "Even after many years of riding, the class was a blast. I originally took the class to support my girlfriend's jump into mountain biking, but I ended up learning so much. I wish I knew 10-15 years ago what Scott taught in three hours. Scott did an amazing job of describing AND showing proper technique." - Jay


  • "I should have done this years ago, would have saved me from a few scars. It was a full 3 hours of 'hands on' training. Scott did a great job, thank you! I really enjoyed the session and picked up some new techniques. I even went out and purchased a dropper post." - Paul


  • "What I took away from your beginner's class was nothing short of amazing.  I went from riding totally scared and not wanting to do it, to now I go down (mostly) any trail I'm up against and I ride 3 or 4 times a week.  Now I need to schedule my next class and learn even more!" - Reed


  • I've gone on a few trail rides since <a clinic with Scott>. There is this a jagged, rocky, v-shaped drop right before a sharp turn that I've walked dozens of times. I just couldn't get myself to do it. As I would approach I would get the butterflies in my stomach and would walk it. But now I'm now clearing it, no issue. That anxiety the feature would give me is gone and I'm now chill when I approach it. That kind of confidence is well worth it! - Matthew


  • "Wow! Those videos coupled with your narrative were extremely helpful. The errors in technique are so obvious once you pointed them out during the video sessions that I should be able to easily correct them during my next couple of practice sessions. I expect I have been "practicing my mistakes" which has likely hindered my progress up to this point. Thank you very much for sending these videos-they have really helped my understanding!"  - Don


  • "I really appreciate the time you took to make sure we covered the basics for a solid foundation and then put me in a situation where I would succeed without fear getting in the way of the learning process." - Shannon


  • "Your use of the videos and photos is very helpful.  A lot of times you feel like you are doing something but when you see a photo (or video) you can see that you aren't in the position you thought." - Mike


  • "It was a tough race for me last year (Prescott 6er) as I was launched about 3 times from my bike, and struggled so much with every switchback on the course. Well, last Saturday was a totally different experience all around. I came in 4th overall!  I was in total control of my bike and my flow was unbelievable. Climbing the switchbacks were fun as I motored up them with confidence, grace and speed. Working with you has totally changed my racing. I am not only much more skilled but my perceived effort while racing is significantly less after having trained with you. That makes me faster all around. Less energy expended means more energy during the late stages of the race." - Joe


  • "Wow! What an awesome day!  I have only done the Long Loop a couple of times because it has never been much fun for me.  After today's class it was a blast!  I LOVED it!  Thanks soooo much.  This has been HUGE for my riding!" - Theresa D.


  • "That's the first time I actually had fun AND felt safe going down that hill!" - Sally


  • "Thanks Scott, I look forward to receiving your notes...I have identified a couple of things I want to concentrate on over the next months and looking forward to working on them.  I will definitely consider another session in the future." - Mike


  • "Yesterday I rode 4 Peaks and had a huge PR (personal record) on the way up...then coming down I was flying on so many parts that I would normally ride the brakes on.  The friend I rode with said 'Damn Joe, your downhill skills have gotten so much better I can't keep up with you!' " - Joe


  • "That was so helpful to practice the corner over and over, and I really appreciate the positive feedback - I learned so much!" - Mary


  • "Your passion for the sport really comes through in your coaching." - Theresa


  • "I dropped all those guys in my group on the first downhill.  It's rocky as all hell.  Was awesome and totally credited to you (Scott).  The second descent with the bad rim - I still descended fast, but the wheel pulled me fast to the left of the trail which has a nasty drop off.  My skills (from you no doubt) enabled me to stay in control and bring my bike back on track." - Joe


  • "It felt really good yesterday climbing a rocky hill and passing two riders walking with their bikes!" - Mary


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