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I've partnered up with the best in the business to bring you an online coaching experience that is unmatched!  I was blown away when I first saw Ryan's program, and am excited to share these courses with you.  If I can't coach you in person, this is the next best thing!


Ryan Leech has been coaching mountain bikers in some shape or form since he was 16 years old.  As an avid explorer of human potential, Ryan earned his certification as an Integral Master Coach™ which has radically influenced his ability to design adult-oriented mountain bike skill curriculums.


The  Ryan Leech Connection / Online Moutain Bike Coaching Program is unlike anything you've ever seen.  Each course offers:

  • a carefully crafted progression at just the right pace, to ensure you don't miss a step
  • content provided by Ryan + a collection of world renowned coaches and experts
  • An interactive supportive community of professional coaches and ambassadors, supporting you along the way


To ensure I get credit for bringing you into Ryan's program, please choose from one of my affiliate links below for the program you're interested in.



If you sign up for any Ryan Leech program through the affiliate links below, you are entitled to recieve a 15% discount for any in-person pedalTherapy coaching!



All Access Membership


  • All Access Pass! 
    • Get access to all the courses listed below
    • automatic addition of new content to your library
    • an invitation to join the members-only Facebook group to gain valuable insight on improving your skills
    • Best value


Individual Courses

  • Jump with Confidence!  This 76-part course starts with beginner level drills and progresses riders through to confidently jumping intermediate-sized table top jumps. Turn fear into fun with skills progressions, mental exercises and interactive advice from the world's top jump coaches. Experience next level riding... and fun!


  • The Cornering Continuum!  Every corner is unique due to a massive number of variables, or continuums - both in corner type and rider technique. There isn't just one 'right-way' to ride corners, so I created a comprehensive, theory based approach supported by practice drills to give justice to what is arguably the most important skill set for mountain bikers.



  • The Manual Master Class!  Manuals are often dreamt – seldom realized. Lets change that! 24 carefully designed and tested video lessons to ensure your acquisition of this most valuable skill.


  • The Bunny Hop Class!  Don't confuse the level lifts you've been doing with a true bunny hop.  Born out of BMX riding, this highly sought after skill has both real world trail riding and impress-your-friends applications.


  • The Wheelie Challenge!  If you love riding bikes, you deserve to experience the joy that comes from riding a wheelie with confidence. This course is designed to take you there, one small strategic step at a time. Designed for any level, from total beginner to those who just need to dial it in.


  • Baseline Balance Skills!  42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. You’ll gain the ability to creatively and enjoyably solve common trail riding traps.



Free Courses




  • Yoga for Mountain Bikers!  Four yoga routines of different lengths and styles filmed in the beautiful Monashee Mountains of British Columbia.




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